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Organisations and others we have undertaken work for include:

  • Humaniversity, Netherlands
  • Australian and New Zealand Systems Society
  • ANZSYS conferences
  • Office of Crime Prevention (Design Out Crime Awards)
  • WA Police (WA CPTED Awards )
  • iDOC'09 Conference
  • Design Research Society
  • Federal Attorney General and Edith Cowan University (Indigenous Justice Night Patrols Research)
  • American Society for Cybernetics
  • Beacon Yoga Centre
  • KIS Research
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Australian Branch)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Western Australia Panel)
  • Praxis Education
  • iDesign Thinking
  • Tinas Kindy
  • K Al-Busaidi
  • Australian Government Office for Teaching and Learning &ECU ( )
  • Keith Hutchins
  • Environmental Plumbing and Gas
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Fineline
  • All About Design Research
  • Paul Meleng
  • Silver Moon